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Gaming Past: 1999 – Everquest

Click for Screenshot AlbumEverquest had me hooked starting from early beta up until the awakening of the Sleeper. It was way more immersive than its earlier cousin Meridian 59, had raids that took days and rare loot drops you had to camp weeks for. I’ve met many exceptional people in Everquest and got invited into the most badass uberguild of the time: The Mystical Order. These guys were so skilled, they farmed bossmobs with 20+ people in record time where other uberguilds with 100+ people whined and wiped. At one point there was a big graphics update that made my beautiful and slender erudite sorceress suddenly develop giant breasts and a conehead – that broke the spell and i left the game …

Alia Showcast - Sorceress of the flaming Rose